hello, i am Zaw Lin Htoo

here are some words about me

I’m currently a PhD student in the field of quantum information (check out my CV and preprints/papers), and used do a bit of freelance design and whatnot in the past. I don’t do commercial work any more, but holler at me at htoo@zaw.li nonetheless if you have any cool ideas, scientific or otherwise.

and some words about this website

This was supposed to be my online portfolio when I was still freelancing. It still somewhat serves that purpose, but the site is now more so an archive for the things I’ve done—projects without a home anywhere else on the web: school assignments I think are pretty neat, a showcase of horrible code, among other things.

categorised here are the things I have done

Art & Design


Math & Physics

of the above here are some higlighted projects

Cairnhill Law

Branding, graphic design, and website development for an Asia-focused boutique law firm

Scattering with the Dirac Hamiltonian

Extending non-relativistic scattering into the relativistic realm

Understanding Chinese Cinema: Suzhou River

Analysing the 2000 film by Sixth-generation director Lou Ye

Interaction-free Measurement

How to know if your vampire friend is at home without murdering them accidentally

Penning Trap Simulator

Containing antimatter without completely annihilating its receptacle

Kingdom of Women

A tie-in website for the non-fiction title about a matriarchal society in western China

a few of which have minis { minis = interactive projects you can play around with }

The Harmonograph

Simulating the figures created by a double pendulum harmonograph.

Classroom Schedule Finder

Finding the class schedule for a particular classroom in NTU